Saturday, April 4, 2020

Chef’s Specials & Info

Executive Chef “O”, Sous Chef Nicholas, Asst. Sous Chef Colby


  1. All First Responders and All of the Palisade Healthcare Center Workers 25% off all meals
  2. Boneless Short Ribs, deep-fried boneless pork cutlets, Stuffed Clams, Asian mini Sausage, Asparagus and Pierogies
  3. Four out the Door; order four of any $16 any under meals of your choice and received 15%

Soup of the week (S.O.D.): Three Meat (Pork, Beef, Turkey) Tomato/Basil


Don’t forget to order our Gourmet Coffees, served through-out the night

Ask about O So Good “Big O” Catering, will travel almost anywhere  

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Check out our regular menu and online ordering @ or call in 605-594-3600


Takeout/pickup, curbside, Home Deliveries $5 delivery charge,

To Sioux Falls distance must order up to $60 or more

To Brandon type of distance

Anything less just regular delivery charge (Delivery drivers are volunteers)